When Durand Capital Partners was launched, much thought was given to choosing the name that would capture the American Dream. It was named “Durand” because its founding symbolized the beginning of an “American Dream” on Durand Street, a well-known thoroughfare on the campus of Michigan State University.

Durand Capital Partners' primary strategy is the U.S. All-Cap Core, and is based on that idea of the “American Dream.” The United States has taken its fair share of lumps in the last few years, but the great thing about America is no matter what diversity we face or how hard we get hit, for over 200 hundred years we have always gotten back up. In turn, our democracy usually learns and becomes stronger and more determined than before to persevere for our families and way of life. This philosophy is at the core of how our team goes about picking stocks for both the domestic and our international strategy. We focus on companies that are strong and stable, the type of firms that can take a punch and keep standing, the type of corporation that can weather the storm and come out better than the rest of its peers.

Americans really have two main goals in life as we view it, to grow and prosper, and maybe even more important, to provide for and protect our family and loved ones. Again, this is the focus of the strategy; identify companies that will grow and prosper, and find stocks that will protect your capital when things hit a rough patch. Our team goal with this strategy is to participate when things are going well, but to PROTECT at all costs when things are not. We believe in the American dream and valued based investing.