Durand Capital Partners adheres to the philosophy called the "small p” and the "BIG P”.

  • The “small p” stands for participate.
    • We want to participate when the market is doing well.
  • The “BIG P” stands for PROTECT.
    • We focus everyday on PROTECTING investors’ assets and mitigating risk as much as possible.

In our view, it is much more important to manage our strategies with an eye on capital preservation and risk mitigation than it is to focus on swinging for the fences.  We feel that if we can minimize the draw-downs then we also minimize the need to be overly aggressive.  Even if we end up being average in the good years, but are able to significantly mitigate the losses in the bad, over full market cycles our investors will be very well served.




Strategy highlights

  1. Unconstrained equity strategy
  2. Minimize individual position concentration through systematic profit- realization process
  3. Ability to raise cash to mitigate risk & take advantage of opportunities
  4. Management tenure of 12+ years dating back to inception of strategy
  5. Great compliment to a passive equity holding or aggressive active equity strategy