Durand Capital Partners

"This strategy is to participate when things are going well, but to PROTECT at all costs when things are not."

- Jim Tassoni, CIO of Durand Capital Partners

About Us


As the founder and Chief Investment Officer of Durand Capital Partners, Jim’s primary responsibilities are portfolio management and equity research for the Durand Capital Partners All-Cap Equity Strategies. Prior to founding Durand Capital Partners in 2012, his 15+ years of investment experience included positions as an analyst, consultant, and portfolio manager with WCM Investment Management, Morgan Stanley and UBS Financial Services, Inc. Jim earned his B.S. from Michigan State University and is currently a candidate for the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. His U.S. All-Cap Strategy has been recognized in numerous publications including Pensions and Investments Magazine as a top performer in the U.S. Equity Space.


When Durand Capital Partners was launched I gave much thought to the name. I chose “Durand” because it symbolized the beginning of my “American Dream”. Durand Street is a well-known street in East Lansing Michigan where I attended college at Michigan State University. During my junior year I happened to live on this street. It was there on a chilly November evening that I met the love of my life, my wife Logan. I did not know it at the time but that was the beginning of my journey towards that often elusive “American Dream”. Several years later when I founded the firm I thought this story represented exactly what Durand Capital Partners stood for. The strategy that I run, the DCP U.S. All-Cap Core, is based on that idea of the “American Dream”. I realize that the United States has taken its fair share of lumps in the last few years, but the great thing about America is no matter how hard we get hit we always get back up, and we usually get back up stronger and more determined than before. This philosophy is at the core of how I go about picking stocks for my strategy. I focus on U.S. companies that are strong and stable, the types that can take a punch and keep standing, the types that can weather a storm and come out better than the rest of its peers. Americans really have two main goals in life as I see it, to grow and prosper, but also, and maybe even more importantly to provide for and to protect our family and loved ones. Again this is the focus of the strategy, identify companies that will grow and prosper but just as importantly, if not more importantly, find stocks that will protect your capital when things hit a rough patch. My goal with this strategy is to participate when things are going well, but to PROTECT at all costs when things are not. This focus on protection has allowed my investors to win over the long term by losing less. Hopefully with this ideology at heart I can help many more live the “American Dream”.